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Mystery Tasting Activity


On Wednesday 10th January, we launched our new topic with a Mystery Tasting Activity! We were all blindfolded and were given small pieces of a mystery food to try. Mrs FitzGerald explained that they were all flavours of the same thing and linked to our new topic in some way.

Here are some photos of us trying the mystery food:


Immediately, we knew that we were eating chocolate and we were asked to identify some of the flavours we could taste. We thought we could taste:

  • orange/citrus
  • bitter/strong flavours
  • salt
  • toffee/caramel
  • fruit
  • marzipan (or some of us thought Playdoh!)

Lola and Thea could even identify the brand of chocolate each time!


Mrs FitzGerald revealed the flavours we had tried:

We then researched an ancient civilastaion to whom chocolate was very important  and who used chilli in their chocolate, and we were able to find out that our new topic is The Mysterious Maya (see topic web page).

When we discussed the focus for the topic we realised that none of us know very much about the ancient Maya and so we are really looking forward to all the things we will learn this half term. Watch this space!

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