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NASA Scientist Vist


Yesterday Oak class and Sycamore classes were very lucky to receive a visit from Professor Robert Walsh. He works for a UCLAN and NASA researching the sun. He gave a very interesting talk about what the sun is made of, how it produces its heat as well as information about our solar system. We had fun experimenting with the plasma ball as well as looking through a telescope. Here are just a few of the photos we took:

A big thank you from all of us to Professor Walsh for giving up his valuable time and teaching us so much about the sun.

Young Voices 2018


Young Voices is fast approaching (Monday 22nd January). In Oak Class we are busy with our last minute rehearsals and are really excited about the event!

Final information for parents will be sent home soon.

Please click the link below for the Health and Safety Risk Assessment from the Manchester Arena:


Mystery Tasting Activity


On Wednesday 10th January, we launched our new topic with a Mystery Tasting Activity! We were all blindfolded and were given small pieces of a mystery food to try. Mrs FitzGerald explained that they were all flavours of the same thing and linked to our new topic in some way.

Here are some photos of us trying the mystery food:


Immediately, we knew that we were eating chocolate and we were asked to identify some of the flavours we could taste. We thought we could taste:

  • orange/citrus
  • bitter/strong flavours
  • salt
  • toffee/caramel
  • fruit
  • marzipan (or some of us thought Playdoh!)

Lola and Thea could even identify the brand of chocolate each time!


Mrs FitzGerald revealed the flavours we had tried:

We then researched an ancient civilastaion to whom chocolate was very important  and who used chilli in their chocolate, and we were able to find out that our new topic is The Mysterious Maya (see topic web page).

When we discussed the focus for the topic we realised that none of us know very much about the ancient Maya and so we are really looking forward to all the things we will learn this half term. Watch this space!

Happy New Year!


Happy new year to you all! We hope you had a happy, restful  and fun-filled family time over the Christmas holiday and are ready for the challenges of this busy and exciting new term.

We’ve got lots to look forward to: our new topic (all will be revealed soon), Young Voices (Monday 22nd January), getting to grips with your new monitor jobs, lots of fun learning and the start of spring!

Please keep an eye on the website for our new topic web (focus to be revealed), which should be available by the end of the week.

It lovely to have you all back in school.

Mrs FitzGerald and Mrs Poole

Oak Class Christmas Party


Yesterday afternoon was party time in Year 5 and 6! We all got changed into our party clothes after lunch and Mr Cross was resident DJ in the hall for us. He organised our favourite music, dancing and games. It was so much fun!

At 2pm, we went back into the classroom for our party food – thank you to all the parents for providing such delicious food for us!


After we had eaten we went back into the hall for a final boogie. A huge thank you to Mr Cross for such a fun Christmas party!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Worship Committee Worship – Monday 18th December


On Monday, we were treated to an extremely special act of Worship led by the Worship Committee. It incorporated their own take on the nativity story, song, poetry, cornet playing and even street dance to Stormzy!

We were all hugely impressed and can’t wait for Worship Committee to lead Worship again!


A particular well done to Lola, James, Poppy and Daniel from Oak Class – we are very proud of you!

Reverse Advent Calendar – Oak Class


This Advent, Oak Class have done something a little bit different. In addition to having a calendar with a chocolate for each day of Advent we have also been bringing in items for our Reverse Advent Calendar.

We are so proud of how many items we have managed to donate and really hope that they make a difference to local people’s lives this Christmas. Mrs FitzGerald will be dropping them off this evening ready to be taken to the  Morecambe Food Bank.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Christmas Party!


The Year 5 and 6 Christmas party will take place on the afternoon of Tuesday 19th December. As usual, we will be having party food in the classroom. Your child will be bringing home a letter in the next couple of days with information about what we would like you to provide. Thank you in advance for this.

Party food should be sent into school on the morning of the 19th. The children should bring their party clothes to school in a named plastic bag and will change into them after lunch.

Many thanks for your ongoing support.

Mrs FitzGerald, Mrs Poole and Mrs Padfield

Write Stuff – Back to the Future!


As part of our Sci-Fi unit of work in English and our Topic – ‘In a galaxy far far away’, for today’s Write Stuff we wrote science fiction stories based on the 1985 film Back to the Future.

We watched the first part of the film up to where Marty (the main character) travels back to 1955 in a time machine built by his eccentric friend Doc. Mrs FitzGerald then challenged us to write what might happen next in the story. She is looking forward to reading our creative writing. We are all excited about watching the rest of the film before we break up for Christmas!


Local author and illustrator visit


During assembly this morning, local author Tim Milner and illustrator Tania Sneesby came into school to share their new book, ‘Where’s My Hug?’ with us.

We really enjoyed listening to Tania read the story. After that, Tim talked to us about how if we put our minds to it, we can achieve anything.

After assembly, we had our Write Stuff session and we all felt inspired by what Tim had told us.
Some of us bought signed copies of ‘Where’s My Hug?’ and Tim and Tania generously donated £3 from every sale to the Galgate Flood Relief.

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