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Decoration Day


Friday 1st December was our annual school Decoration Day. We all dressed up in our Christmas finery and we looked fantastic!

We started the day singing carols and Christmas songs in the hall and then we got down to business! Children from right across the school visited all the different classes and made a range of beautiful decorations which we’ve used to dress the hall and corridors.

A great day was had by all. Well done everyone!

Oak Class Craft


Today, we have been very busy getting festive and making our class crafts for the Christmas Fair which will take place next Friday – 8th December, 3-5pm.

We’ve all had lots of fun and have learnt some new craft skills.

The theme for this year’s class craft is decorations and we’ve made two types using pinecones: festive elves and winter owls.


Our decorations will be on sale at the Christmas Fair. Make sure you’re there to buy one so you don’t miss out.

A big thank you to Mrs Nicks and Kate for coming into help us make our class craft. We had so much fun!

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Children in Need in Oak Class


Friday 17th November was Children in Need day and as always, we fully embraced this in Oak Class. We sold Pudsey wrist bands throughout the week, came into school early on the day to get our face painted and really enjoyed dressing up in mufti!


In the afternoon, Pudsey came into school to see us and to thank us for the money we had raised. We loved seeing him dab and hug Mrs Thomas!

We are really proud that as a school we managed to raise £358!! Well done everyone!

Mad Science Assembly – Monday 20th November


What an amazing assembly led by Mad Science today! Lots of children volunteered to assist in the experiments.

Here are a few of the pictures we took. Well done Zaim and Thomas for making the neon light tube light up!

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Non-fiction Information Texts – Life aboard the ISS


This week, we have started our new topic…

‘In a galaxy far far away’!

Our work in English has linked closely with this. We have been reading a wide range of non-fiction texts with a view to writing our own information booklets about life on the International Space Station.

Today, we really enjoyed watching a range of YouTube clips of the crew on the ISS doing a range of everyday activities that prove to be much more difficult in space! Below are some of our favourites:

The more disgusting the better as far as we were concerned!

While we enjoyed watching the clips we made notes about how to do each of the tasks. Eventually, we will use these notes to write sets of instructions to be included in our non-fiction information booklets about the ISS.


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Remembrance Day


As always, Remembrance Day has been an extremely important and special day and we have marked it in a number of ways in Oak Class.

First thing this morning, for Write Stuff, we watched a Youtube clip about The Battle of the Somme and then produced some writing based on this. We wrote in a range of genres: letters, diary entries, information texts, stories and poetry.

At 11 o’clock, the whole school went to the memorial at St. John’s Church where each class laid their wreath. Every child at school made a poppy to decorate the class wreaths.

In the afternoon, school hosted a special service of remembrance where each class sang a war song. The audience really enjoyed joining in with the songs they knew.

Oak Class sang a beautiful, new song called ‘Remember’.


Remember, remember, those who fought and fell so we could be free.
The sacrifice they made; so brave, with valour their lives they gave.
Gone, but they live on in memory.

So bow your head now, standing still in silence we will all pray,
To learn and live in peace and justice on Armistice Day.

November, November, the clock strikes ten and then, eleven will bring
The silence of respect for those that history can’t forget.
Now for them a song of thanks we sing.

So bow your head now, standing still in silence we will all pray,
To learn and live in peace and justice on Armistice Day.

After singing our song, members of Oak Class recited War Poetry that they had chosen during our English lessons this week. The poems were beautifully read and very moving.

During the afternoon, Peter who is the curator at Lancaster Museum, talked to the audience about how WWI affected people from our local area. We learnt so much from him and were very moved by the stories he told.

Fantastic Book Awards Launch


On Thursday 26th October, Oak and Sycamore Classes came together for the launch of the Fantastic Book Awards 2017/18!

Some of us were chosen to unwrap the mystery books and then read the blurb to the rest of the group. We loved the excitement of not knowing what was inside each parcel and we immediately made predictions about which book would be our favourite.

The titles in our group for this year are:

Who Let the Gods Out by Maz Evans

Uncle Shawn and Bill and the almost entirely unplanned adventure by A.L. Kennedy

The Adventures of Alfie Onion by Vivian French

The Long-Lost Secret Diary of the World’s Worst Pirate by Tim Horne

A Piglet Called Truffle by Helen Peters

We are Giants by Amber Lee Dodd

We have already started reading and are very excited by the wide variety of styles. Who will be the winner? Watch this space…

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Oak Class Greek Day



We have had a fantastic Greek day! Our highlights include tasting a variety of Greek foods, having a fashion show and painting Greek pot designs.

Life is a journey – NISCU


Today, Sarah Dodd from NISCU came into Oak Class to deliver an exciting and interactive lesson based on our RE unit ‘Life is a Journey’.

We learnt all about the amazing journeys that Paul/Saul went on during his life and how the first of these led to his conversion.

We watched the following film on YouTube about these journeys:

It was fun and interesting learning about the amazing journeys that Saul/Paul went on during his life. We loved looking in Paul’s treasure chest at the objects he collected during his very long journeys:

A big thank you to Sarah for coming in to Oak Class to teach us today!

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This afternoon was the Run-a-Thon to celebrate the opening of our fantastic new running track and what an afternoon we had! It was a fantastic, community event and we all did amazingly well.

The afternoon started with a whole school aerobic warm-up on the playground.


After that, our mystery celebrity – Aaron Wildig from Morecambe FC  – officially opened the running track for us.


And then we got running. Acorn Class went first followed by Beech, Holly, Hazel, Willow and Sycamore. We supported and cheered all of the classes and some of us helped the children to track their laps by marking their hands.

Finally it was our turn! We all did our very best and were so proud of our achievements.


Now it’s time for us to start collecting and bringing in our sponsor money. We’re really looking forward to finding out how much we raise as a school.

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